How To Bring The Outdoors In

As the weather finally starts to improve it seems everyone is eager to spend more and more time outside. However, although the sun may be shining there is still a nip in the air, so the guys at One Park West thought they would share a few handy hints to help bring the outdoors indoors.

There is no better way to create an indoor/outdoor environment than using fabrics and furniture inspired by nature, such materials are not only perfect for this time of year but for all year round. So even if it’s a good old British summer of rain, we can still be inspired and enjoy a natural surrounding from the comfort of our sofas!

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Stylish Living in 2014

As we say goodbye to winter and welcome spring, perhaps it’s time to take note of the up and coming interior design trends for 2014 and give our home’s interior a bit of a spruce up.

If there’s one word that best describes modern home décor, it’s simplicity.  It’s all about clean lines, a neutral colour palette and geometric shapes.  However, simplicity doesn’t have to mean boring.  By sticking to the above general rules but adding this year’s trends and a few personal touches, you can create a modern home décor that is ultimately stylish, yet still warm and inviting.

So what do we suggest?

A touch of the blues

Whilst ‘Radiant Orchid’ is the colour for 2014, various shades of blue are also reigning supreme from cobalt and turquoise to the deepest navy.  If you don’t feel brave enough to splash blue paint over your beige walls, start with a piece of furniture like a sofa as your focal point, and work from there.

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As the cold weather settles in, we find ourselves spending more and more time indoors, so with Valentine’s Day just around the corner we thought it would be better to give your home some TLC rather than your partner (sorry).

Like any relationship, within time the spark and lust can start to fade away, especially with your home as wear and tear can take over the once perfect furniture or décor and it can slowly turn a little tired and dejected.

However, help is at hand. We have devised a list of ways to help you fall back in love with your home.

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Celebrity Mansion? No Thank You.

It was recently announced footballer John Terry sold his Surrey mansion for a whopping £16 million, earning a staggering £10 million profit after renovating the home in the last four years. The home came complete with nine bedrooms, eight dressing and bathrooms, a swimming pool, private cinema and it’s very own man made fishing lake in the back garden.

(The girls at OPW wouldn’t expect anything less for that price).

It was not only the footy star who seems to have the moving itch, other celebrity mansions to recently hit the property market include the grade II listed building once owned by Led Zepplin’s bassist John Paul Jones. The stunning Georgian mansion came completed with a swimming pool (again), 11.6 acres of land and magnificent views of Ashdown Forest. Let’s not forget the separate two bedroom flat used to entertain the rock stars guests.

Millie Mackintosh, heiress to the chocolate confectionery company Mackintosh’s, announced the family home was recently up for grabs. The manor house comes with a host of sweet treats, including an indoor pool (again) and a zip wire! However, the most appetising feature of this historical house is the cocoa wheel found in the back garden that was used in the first Mackintosh factory to crush cocoa beans!

Sweet days: The seven bedroom property outside Norwich also features a cocoa wheel from a Mackintosh factory

Probably one of the most extravagant celebrity homes to be put back on the market, comes from the rock DJ himself, Robbie Williams. His 18th century, seven bedroom manor in the Wiltshire countryside came with not only a swimming pool (its seems to be standard for a UK celeb), but a helicopter hanger, two staff flats and a cottage, a full size football pitch and a dirt track for quad biking. On the inside of the home was his and hers bathrooms, a wine cellar, library and a sauna.

 Although all of these homes are tremendously charismatic, extravagant and somewhat on the larger size than your average house, we believe at One Park West they are all missing a few important things. The first being a superb location, when properties have tonnes of greenery surrounding them it often means they are a good half an hour drive from any high street shops, restaurants or cinemas. Secondly, who really needs a swimming pool? Finally, it must be a hassle to clean, all those rooms let alone all the extra staffing houses. Life is for living, not cleaning.

You don’t need a mansion to live like a celebrity, we have two bedroom apartments which are also charismatic, stunning and spacious (and they don’t take a week to clean). For more information or to view the apartments, contact Kingston Shaw Residential on 0151 232 3333, or visit the marketing suite open 7 days a week.


The New Year is a chance for fresh beginnings and what better way to cleanse the past and build a positive future at home, than using the art of Feng Shui.

Feng Shui is the Chinese practise of positioning objects and furniture around the home to improve the flow of energy, in order to bring a positive surrounding to those who live there. It is said, by following certain guidelines at home, Feng Shui will bring a more balanced, happier and successful life.

So we thought it would be fun to share some of the basics to help you achieve a more balanced and prosperous life by ‘Feng Shui’ing’ your apartment…

Feng Shui consists of nine sections that should be covered within the home or a single room, these are: knowledge, career, travel, family, health, children, wealth, reputation and relationships. Each section must be represented by placing objects such as pictures, books or using certain colours in the right location.

The four elements of the world (fire, water, earth and air) must also be symbolised in the home through the use of colours to gain balanced energy. This doesn’t mean each room must be decorated with each element in mind, instead use accents of the colours within a room or around the apartment.

Fire can be identified by using reds, oranges, purples and strong yellows whilst earth can be indicated with warm beiges and light yellows. Air or metal should be visible through a colour palette of greys and whites whereas water can be signified with blues and hints of blacks.

To gain complete Feng Shui a room must be designed with Feng Shui in mind, however, don’t let this put you off as making small differences in each room can still channel positive energy and make a real difference.

Also look at your furniture as little differences, like ensuring your bed is positioned away from mirrors and encouraging learning in the home with the use of books, can make significant changes. Aim to surround yourself with an abundance of light, fresh air and greenery.

 It’s not only objects that can be changed, small habits like avoiding bright lights for at least an hour before bed will improve sleep or making sure the toilet seat is down, as this is believed to stop money from draining out of your pockets.

Here at OPW we’re a big believer in positive energy within the home. Come and check out our two bedroom apartments starting from £150,000, and now available with Help to Buy, it’s sure to give you a positive start to 2014.

In with the New!

With Christmas just around the corner, many of us are putting our minds to the New Year and the resolutions we are going to make in 2014.  Perhaps it will be to lose weight, exercise more or finally quit smoking.  At One Park West, however, we believe that 2014 will be the year that many people will be able to buy their own home, especially with the help of the new Help to Buy scheme.

So what is Help to Buy?  Well, it’s a Government backed scheme that offers assistance to qualifying purchasers who only have small deposit of around 5%, through the provision of a 20% Government equity loan.  It’s now available at One Park West and means buyers could only need to secure up to a 75% mortgage to buy one of our apartments.

With Help to Buy underway, it looks like 2014 is going to be a great year for home ownership.  And buying a new home could also help with other resolutions too, such as saving money on energy bills or spending less time on home improvements.  After all, new apartments, complete with modern heating systems and high levels of insulation, are not only proven to be more environmentally friendly but are up to 50% more energy efficient than homes built in the early 1980s.

Owning a new home has never been more affordable for so many, so whatever resolutions you may be making this New Year, don’t be afraid to add a new home to your list.

For further information on the financial schemes available or to view the last remaining apartments available at One Park West, why not pop into our new marketing suite open 7 days a week, or contact Kingston Shaw Residential on 0151 232 3333?

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Deck the Halls

Christmas is magical. Apart from visiting the Christmas markets on Lord Street, there are many reasons why we love the festivities, whether it’s spending time with friends and family, eating as much food as we can possibly consume and of course, filling our home with bright colours and Christmas decorations.

Every year, the box filled with last year’s decorations makes an appearance, and a couple of hours are spent trying to detangle the Christmas lights. However, your home doesn’t have to look the same every Christmas, so we thought we would give you a few pointers to help you transform your home into a stylish winter wonderland.

Let’s start with the tree. Monochrome was huge during 2013, so why not go for a white tree this year? This type of tree is still bang on trend but adds a festive tone. Accessorise with clear glass, shimmery silvers, and white decorations creating a soft, airy, and completely captivating tree.

However, if you want to stay with the traditional tree, you don’t have to stick with traditional decorations. Add a pop of colour into the room using a retro inspired palette including colours like chartreuse, lavender and pink for an attention worthy display.

White Christmas tree

It’s not all about the tree though, spread the festive feeling around your home. There are plenty of ways to do this…

Glass ball Christmas ornaments in vase

Baubles can be used throughout the home, don’t restrict them to just the tree. Accentuate overhead lighting with shimmery decorations and stick to a fresh winter palette like pale blue and silver. Finish it off with an elegant ribbon and you’ll soon have a stylish festive chandelier at a price even Father Christmas would be pleased with.

Turn a bare windowsill into a stylish nook by filling glass vases of various heights and shapes with leftover balls for a dramatic, high-impact display.

It’s well known everyone treats themselves at Christmas with the odd calorific treat, but these sweets can also make great centrepieces. Try a no-fuss arrangement by filling a bowl with red and white peppermint balls and fluffy marshmallows. It looks great and tastes even better.

Christmas candy on a table

At One Park West we love Christmas and have a fabulous collection of individual apartments just waiting to be transformed into your own private winter wonderland. For more information or to view the apartments, contact Kingston Shaw Residential on 0151 232 3333, or visit the marketing suite open 7 days a week.  For more information on the range of apartment homes available, visit


As we reveal Liverpool’s latest stunning show apartment, we thought we would look back at some of our most memorable show homes we’ve created here at One Park West.

We’ve had some fun designing the homes to help potential buyers visualise themselves living in the apartments and to create inspirational living spaces in the City. Whether looking for chic urban living, a pad to share with your friends or a quiet retreat to rest from work, we’ve had them all!

So, here is a snapshot of some of our favourites….

The Ultimate Lads Pad

Arguably every man’s dream apartment. This two bedroom ‘lads pad’ had it all from an astroturf hallway, complete with putting holes and auto golf ball returner, a living area with a giant dart board wall and seductive bedroom with a cinema screen to a spare bedroom styled as an American style locker room and even a mini pub – complete with beer chiller, beer pump and mini fridge.  There’s no surprise this was swooped up as a great place to entertain the lads.

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Help to Buy the apartment of your dreams

For many looking to get on the property ladder, the biggest challenge has been saving for the 20% deposit that so many banks demand in order to secure a mortgage.  However, we’re pleased to say that help is around the corner in the guise of the Government’s new Help to Buy scheme.

What’s more, the scheme is now available at One Park West which means those looking to buy a property in Liverpool’s most prestigious apartment block now have a real opportunity to secure their dream two bedroom apartment in the city centre with a deposit of only £7,500.

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That’s A Lot Of Bang For Your Buck

The Office for National Statics confirmed house prices are still rising with the average price for a flat or house in the UK now £247,000! So this got us thinking, what could you buy for £250,000 in the UK?

You may be pleased to know you can get a flat in one of London’s most sought after locations and it even overlooks Harrods. However, it is only 10ft by 8ft (no bigger than a snooker table) and can barely squeeze in a single bed. Yet it still has space for a tiny bathroom and kitchenette.

If space is what you are after, £250,000 will get you a lovely four bedroom listed cottage in Suffolk. The only problem is that it has a few design flaws…both bathrooms are located side by side in the siting room, two of the bedrooms are reached solely by their own staircase and if you wanted to enjoy a family meal, you would need to deliver the food on trays down the steps of the small kitchen in to the family dining room.

Perhaps location is a priority when seeking your quarter of a million pad. A beach hut on the coastline of Dorset was sold for an incredible £250,000, which included a sitting room, toilet, kitchen and one bedroom. The hut can be lived in all year round as it also has running water, drainage and a parking space, yet the gentleman who bought the property only wanted it because of its close proximity to the sea.

When buying a new home, it is important to consider location, size and bedrooms but wouldn’t it be great if you could find the perfect home with all of these factors? At One Park West we have spacious two bedroom, two bathroom apartments with fantastic views over the city and great spaces for entertaining guests in one of Liverpool’s prime locations, all for less than £250,000, now that’s a lot of bang for your buck!