In with the New!

With Christmas just around the corner, many of us are putting our minds to the New Year and the resolutions we are going to make in 2014.  Perhaps it will be to lose weight, exercise more or finally quit smoking.  At One Park West, however, we believe that 2014 will be the year that many people will be able to buy their own home, especially with the help of the new Help to Buy scheme.

So what is Help to Buy?  Well, it’s a Government backed scheme that offers assistance to qualifying purchasers who only have small deposit of around 5%, through the provision of a 20% Government equity loan.  It’s now available at One Park West and means buyers could only need to secure up to a 75% mortgage to buy one of our apartments.

With Help to Buy underway, it looks like 2014 is going to be a great year for home ownership.  And buying a new home could also help with other resolutions too, such as saving money on energy bills or spending less time on home improvements.  After all, new apartments, complete with modern heating systems and high levels of insulation, are not only proven to be more environmentally friendly but are up to 50% more energy efficient than homes built in the early 1980s.

Owning a new home has never been more affordable for so many, so whatever resolutions you may be making this New Year, don’t be afraid to add a new home to your list.

For further information on the financial schemes available or to view the last remaining apartments available at One Park West, why not pop into our new marketing suite open 7 days a week, or contact Kingston Shaw Residential on 0151 232 3333?

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Liverpool’s Student Secrets

Liverpool city centre is once again filling up with fresh faced students looking for enlightenment. That’s right, its freshers week 2013, the first week of term where university newbies find their feet and start to enjoy everything that Liverpool has to offer.

It appears the students at Liverpool’s universities have landed on their feet. The BBC reported that eight universities in the north of England and Scotland (including Liverpool) were among the top-rated by students for their diverse nightlife in terms of pubs, clubs and music venues.

So if you’re new to the city, we thought we would help you settle in to our beautiful city and give you a handy guide to student life in Liverpool…

We advise you start by identifying Liverpool’s iconic buildings, knowing these will come in handy when meeting friends or when you’re lost and need a landmark to help you on your way. So check out the following buildings: The Three Graces, The Royal Liver Building, Port of Liverpool Building, Anglican Cathedral, Metropolitan Cathedral, The Albert Docks and St Luke’s Church (aka the bombed out church). Not only will you start to find your way around Liverpool but you’ll learn the history of our great city too.

Another good way of finding your way around the city is through a student’s favourite past time…shopping. There are plenty of places to spend those hard earned loans, such as: Liverpool One, Bold Street, St John’s Centre and Clayton Square.

If you want to understand why students voted our city as having the best night life, make sure you take your new pals to any of the following student nights for a guaranteed good time: Baa Bar, Bumper, Heebie Jeebies, Medication, Mood and Garlands.

Unfortunately, student life isn’t all about partying and shopping. There may be the odd occasion you need some peace and quiet, if so, head to Abercromby Square, Falkner Square or St James’ Gardens for some thinking time.  Or, if you don’t fancy spending all of your money on nights out, there are still plenty of things to do. Visit the Fact or Tate Gallery for some amazing exhibitions or spend an evening at The Royal Philharmonic Hall or Echo Arena for a music venture.

We all know university is no easy ride and how important it is to have the right accommodation as this can have a massive effect on the amount of studying you actually end up doing.  So if you’re still looking for a fantastic place to stay, that’s also a great investment for parents, give us a call at One Park West on 0151 232 3333.

The Price Of A Room With A View

There are many factors that affect the price of a property from the local market to the smaller details such as fixtures and fittings.  But properties in a great location or commanding an impressive view are particularly sought after and as such tend to top the property price ladder.

At the extreme of the scale, a beach hut on the Dorset coast with a 16 year lease is currently on the market at £200,000, just above the UK average house price.  At £1,000 per sq ft, the property, which has no electric and is barely bigger than a garden shed, is one of the most expensive per sq ft outside of Mayfair!

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The kids have nearly gone back to school and all that’s left of the summer holidays is the mess in your home created from keeping those little ones entertained for six weeks. It may be time to revamp your home and transform it back into a clean tidy and tranquil place to live.  

At One Park West we are experts at preparing the perfect home and creating great places to live. So, we thought we would share some insights on how to create the perfect living space.

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2014 Is Going To Be A Big Year For Liverpool

We already know that Liverpool is a great place to live and work but by the end of 2014, it’s likely that thousands more people will have experienced the wonders of our city as two internationally significant events come to town next summer.

The place is going to be buzzing as both the International Festival for Business (IBF) and the Open Championship at Hoylake are expected to draw an additional one million visitors to Liverpool in June and July.

The IBF alone is expected to attract a 250,000 strong business audience during the six week festival which, according to David Cameron, “… is going to be an event on an unprecedented scale.”

Focusing on key UK business sectors and themes, the Festival will comprise fifty planned events and is expected to inject a whopping £10m spending boost into the city.  But that’s not all…

Running alongside the event, an ambitious cultural programme is expected to pull-in a further half million visitors whilst quarter of a million spectators are expected for the golf, which will be the 12th time the Hoylake links has hosted golf’s oldest Major.

As Liverpool experiences population growth for the first time in 80 years, the expected influx of visitors is great news for Liverpool’s economy and once again puts Liverpool at the centre of the UK’s map.

It’s not surprising Liverpool’s resident population have so much pride at all that our city has achieved.  Let’s face it, thirty five years ago who could have envisaged that such a successful regeneration programme would transform Liverpool from its long, post World War II decline into one of the UK’s leading business and culture destinations?

With investor confidence at an all-time high, Liverpool continues to be on the up.  There is so much to see and do in the city and we don’t think the influx of visitors next summer will be disappointed.  As Mayor Joe Anderson recently discussed, culture is as important to Liverpool’s future as manufacturing was to the city’s past.  We may have lost thousands of manufacturing jobs in the past decades, but culture, tourism and hospitality will push Liverpool forward.

With this in mind, here at One Park West we are already getting excited about next year and greatly looking forward to showing off to the hordes of visitors what a lively, vibrant and thriving city Liverpool is to live in.


Fit for a Prince?

It finally happened, a prince was born. Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge kept everyone in the One Park West office gripped to the news for days, wondering if it was a prince or princess, George or Victoria, and WHEN would we have the first glimpse of the Royal baby.

Once we had all been put out of suspense, the conversation in the office soon turned to if the Royals purchased one of our luxury apartments, how would they make it fit for a prince?

Will Kate and William decorate the nursery with the same taste as celebrity singer Mariah Carey by decorating Prince George’s room with silk curtains, golden chandeliers and real life sizes stuffed animals?

We don’t think so, the Royal baby will be living at Kensington Palace, a home built in 1689 and has been residence to Royals such as Princess Diana, and it is renowned for its traditional decor. So we’re guessing a mature colour palette fit for a king will be used and the traditional rocking horse placed perfectly in the corner of the room.

But here are the other options the new Royal family could emulate:

The contemporary crib, decorated with endless amount of space, crisp white walls and the inspirational pieces of art positioned flawlessly on each wall creating the perfect symmetrical room.

Or, perhaps the baby will sleep in ‘the great outdoors’, walls covered in an array of green tones and nature inspired furniture. We all know Prince William and Harry are always keen for a little adventure, maybe the couple will want to pass on the outdoors enthusiasm onto their little one.

Kate is often praised for her good sense of fashion, cleverly matching Turkish blue dresses with vanilla white court shoes. Her keen eye for colour may result in the nursery being decorated with a colour popping theme, cleverly blending bright oranges, lime greens and aqua blues.

Will the couple join the modern mums and opt for a simple yet practical theme? Primary colours are always popular when it comes to decorating a nursery, balancing blue, red and yellow perfectly with white. The calm feel boasts a harmonious and happy resting place.

Whichever theme Prince William and Kate choose for tiny Prince George, we’re sure it would look perfect in a One Park West apartment.

If you are looking for a new castle for your little one give us a call at One Park West on 0151 232 3333 to see our majestic apartments.


Investing your money is always a tricky decision. What is the best industry? Where will you see the best return? What investment has the lowest risk? All of these factors need to be considered before investing. However, over time more and more people are choosing to invest in residential property over cash, stocks or bonds.

So, if you’re having a little trouble deciding what to do, we thought we would outline why investing in residential property can be a smart option.

1.       Best long-term value growth

In the UK, more money is invested in residential property than in any other area and, on a total returns basis, has been the best performing asset over the past thirty years.

2.       Safe bet

Unlike commercial property, residential property rarely depreciates and, with different performance and risk characteristics, makes an excellent asset for those seeking diversification.  A proactive landlord and manager who keeps the property in a respectable condition and provides a good overall service can enhance a property’s value, particularly on a new development.

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June has been a busy month for the property market, Halifax and Nationwide both reported a rise in house prices, indicating people are becoming more confident to jump back onto the property ladder. In fact, it was said to be the strongest month for house prices in the UK since 2010, showing positives signs that the housing market is finally picking up.

Liverpool is fast becoming a property hot spot in the North West and it’s not just the building societies who think so. At One Park West we’ve been really busy with nine new buyers snapping up their own brand new apartments here in June alone.

If you’re wondering why Liverpool is such a popular place to live, we thought we would share a few reasons why you may want to live in this vibrant city.

Number one, the people. Liverpudlian’s are known for their sense of humour, friendly personalities and impeccable fashion sense, they make Liverpool the fun, exciting and lively city that it is today.

Number two, the culture. Since winning the title ‘European Capital of Culture’ in 2008, Liverpool has continued to grow. The city has a wide range of cultural activities, including: music, poetry, visual arts and theatres. Head to ‘FACT on Bold Street’ to grab a slice of the action, there is always something new going on in all these areas.

Number three, the busy city. Liverpool is packed full of lots of exciting things to do, there is never a dull moment here. Why not dabble in some world class shopping at Liverpool ONE or visit the world famous football stadiums. Perhaps relaxing by the Albert Dock and enjoying live music is more your thing, but either way you won’t be disappointed.

Number four, the architecture. Liverpool is full of iconic buildings, such as: The Liver Building, The Anglican Cathedral, Radio City Tower, St George’s Hall and let’s not forget the best one, One Park West. Simply walking around this city is exciting enough.

If you are interested in living in the heart of Liverpool, contact Kingston Shaw Residential on 0151 232 3333, or visit the new marketing suite open 7 days a week.  For more information on the range of apartment homes available, visit


What a great week it has been here at One Park West!  On Friday our representatives were invited by our friends and neighbours at Juice FM to help them choose a winner for their brilliant “Get a Life” competition.

The winner of the competition gets to live a luxury celebrity lifestyle for a year, with the main attraction being the chance to live in an apartment in One Park West (which we all know is Liverpool’s most prestigious residential apartment building)!

But what pressure and responsibility it was to select the final five candidates, how did we manage?  Well it was simple really, we sat down and had a relaxed chat with the shortlisted few in an effort to whittle them down to a final five.  Although it was tempting to pull up the trousers and adopt a Simon Cowell attitude, the urge was resisted and instead we got the chance to meet some fantastic young candidates from across Liverpool. 

Who will come to live in One Park West?!

The final five were selected to be: Steven Hourihan, a 28 year old from Aintree who is due to get married in April; Tom Cordey, a 24 year old racing car mechanic living in Toxteth but originally from Darlington; Gill Dabek, a 24 year old physio and former GB badminton player from the Wirral; Kate Farrell, a 27 year old Desperate Scousewife wannabe from West Derby and Orla McElroy, a 29 year old special needs teacher from Wavertree.

The great news is that that is where our hard worked ended.  Each remaining candidate is now tasked with going out to get their local communities to support them with their nominations.  The person with the biggest support base will win the luxury lifestyle for a year and move into one of our stunning designer apartments in April. 

If you want to check out the final five and cast a vote as to who you think should move in with us at One Park West visit Juice FM’s website.  The voting closes at midnight on Sunday 19 February so it is likely to be a frantic race between the five remaining contestants.

If you missed the opportunity to enter the competition but still want to lead a fun and active lifestyle here at One Park West, contact the team at Kingston Shaw Residential.  With city centre designer apartments available for as little as £90,000 it may not be that hard to get the life we all dream of.


As we approach Valentine’s Day, we thought we should take a closer look at how choosing a home has a lot in common with selecting the right partner.  In fact, it could be just as important as it’s where you are likely to spend most of your time, it’s also likely to be one of your biggest investments and a place where you need to feel happy, safe and secure.

So what are the most important features to look for?  Just like when looking for a partner, some may be attracted by looks, while others rate security as more important.  Surprisingly, it seems to be the same with homes.  Here we outline the top five things people love about their homes:

Good looks

A person’s looks and personality are what initially attract people and, like clothes, people use their home as a way of portraying their personality.  At One Park West, residents have kitted out their apartments to match a smart and stylish character, while many others have brought one that has been carefully designed for them by internationally recognised experts at Kingston Shaw.  Either way, it’s your choice.  But rest assured the structural layout has been carefully considered and each apartment has been built to cater for all the latest technical needs.

A lovely outlook

Liverpool's Three Graces

Liverpool's Three Graces


They say there are some things you can’t change in a person such as a personality.  In a home that tends to be the outlook or views from the windows.  Some of the most popular views are where people can see far into the distance, look at water features or famous buildings or landmarks.  I hope you don’t mind if we show off, but at One Park West we have some of the most spectacular views in Liverpool including the waterfront, Three Graces or far reaching views of the Welsh mountains. 

Feeling secure

In a relationship people like to feel safe and secure.  So too in a home.  People like to be able to retreat to their homes after a busy day or when needing to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life. 

Safety and security may not be the most exciting topic but it’s one of those things you have to consider when looking for a city apartment.  Are there CCTV cameras, secure parking and 24 hour support if needed?  Residents at One Park West have the benefits of CCTV cameras, a 24 hour concierge service and anyone looking to buy this month will also get a free car parking space thrown in as well (or take advantage of the bicycle store if you want to reduce your carbon footprint).

Friends – and neighbours

Everyone needs good neighbours, like minded people that are there when needed.  At One Park West there are 326 apartments and residents of all ages which helps create a fun and inclusive feel.  You may also have noticed that Liverpool’s Juice FM has now moved in to one of our office spaces, so keep a watch out for any celebrities visiting the building. 


We can’t finish without mentioning what are said to be the three most important things when buying a home – “location, location, location”.  One Park West may not be right for those looking for a slower rural life but anyone wanting to feel the buzz of city life then look no further.  Located right in the heart of Liverpool ONE, those who know Liverpool will surely agree there is no better location. 

Chavasse Park, outside One Park West

It’s not just the younger generation who like city living.  Our research suggests people of all ages love being close to bars, restaurants and theatres where they can simply walk home at the end of an evening.  But for those wanting a bit of nature, just take a look at Chavasse Park outside One Park West if you want to see green space in a city.  It’s hard not to fall in love with these apartments for their location alone.

So this Valentine’s Day, contact us if you would like us to help you find an ideal partner to spend a quiet night in with or who will always be there for you after a busy night out.  If you think it’s all too much of a commitment, speak with the team as we can help lighten the load through our Grosvenor Assured Property investment scheme.